WTB: Sell me your 360mm Radiator/1155 Waterblock/Reservoir/Pump +More

Hi I just got some cash together after the holidays and I'm looking to buy some new WC gear and thought I'd see if anyone is getting rid of some stuff.

I'm looking for a few specific pieces;

An Alphacool UT60 360mm radiator,
Hardware Labs SR-1 360mm,
EK XTX 360mm

Also need a new reservoir, looking at an EK multi option or similar. Preferably around 150mm.

Need a pump top for a DDC/35x or a D5 pump and pump top combo.

Also some 3/8" x 1/2" black compression fittings. Either bitspower matte or monsoon.

And for another build I need an 1155 waterblock, preferably an acrylic topped one.

So if you've got any of this shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to Paypal you the money (I've got a registered address and can send you a verification email on eBay if you want)
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  1. PM'd
  2. I have 2 compression fittings in that size from enzotech (black) with a 90 degree angle adapter I can include
  3. sorry dude, you cant have my SR1 or UT... LOL

    1155 blocks i have:
    RASA - 35 shipped
    WaterCool Heatkiller Ni-BL - 65 shipped
    RayStorm - 50 shipped
    koolance 370si - 60 shipped
    gawd i should inventory this stuff.. i think two more?

    ive got the bits 150, but i gotta keep them..
    i got a IandH with white caps (50mm x ???mm) 30 shipped

    i think i have 10x 3/8 x 1/2 bits matte black comps.. 3 are scared from installs
    got three deciding.. PM if you want them?

  4. if not, ive got another buyer for this..

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