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Hi all,

I have spent countless hours trying to get this working now and im really starting to get :fou: I really hope someone can help! Heres my problem:

I have my PS3 connected to my PC via optical cable and am using the Creative Fatality Pro Sound card. Basically in the creative control panel under the I/O settings I have enabled bit matching and play stero output using optical out option selected and have chosen the encoder as DTS. When I go into the sound options of the PS3 I have tried selecting 5.1 Dolby but no sound in games and then un ticking that slection and trying DTS but still no sound. I know FF13 supports both but no sound at all. If I untick everything and just leave the 2 default options I only get 2.1 sound, but in Play TV if I select 5.1 Dolby I get 5.1 sound????


p.s running Vista, tried running Win7 but for some reason I cant get the encoder options for dolby and DTS :(
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  1. Dolby Digital and DTS are compressed (encoded) formats, and need to be un-compressed (decoded) in order to be played back. Problem is, your sound card does not have a built in decoder. So when your speakers try to play the audio, you get either nothing, or a loud hiss.

    That being said, some software (WMP, PowerDVD9, etc) have built in decoders so movies that use DD/DTS can still output 5.1. Thats probably what is happening for Play TV.

    Your only option is to either hook up to a external receiver, or get a software decoder that handles decoding of audio.
  2. aaaah!!!! I wish I knew that all that wasted time! Thanks so much really appreciate it!!!!
  3. ^^ I did the same thing two years ago, don't feel too bad.
  4. Good to know im not alone then :kaola:

    Just thought would post an update. Basically tried installing AC3Filter (I think thats what it is called) and thats suppose to be a decoder for DTS so I opened that but still no sound... not had a proper go yet so will try installing PowerDVD 9 tonight and see what happens. Would I be right in saying that all you need to do is install PowerDVD9 and open it? should it auto pick up incoing DTS/DOLBY sound, decode then play through the speakers?

    Thanks again, really appreciate it!
  5. Right so I downloaded PowerDVD 9 Ultimate, opened it and went into settings but couldnt find anything referencing to optical and/or decoders, so just tried leaving the application running while enabling DTS on my PS3 but no sound from FF13. What am I doing wrong? Help! Really dont want to buy an AMP
  6. *Bump* Help! :(
  7. PowerDVD and other programs only work on DVD/Blu-Ray movies played within their scope (IE: Playing a DVD with Dolby Digital audio from within PowerDVD). ac3Filter SHOULD be able to handle the decoding and pass it through though...Make sure you are decoding the SPDIF INPUT, and sending teh audio through your soundcards analog outputs.
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