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When I go on the server search for BFBC2 it does not display the ping for each server it just displays a little "--" instead, why? also I can not join a game through the server search I can only join a game through the "Play Now" option, why? If anyone can answer my query's it would be much appreciated!

Thank You
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  1. Any AV programs running?
  2. AV?... Don't know what that is but i do not have any other programs running while playing.
  3. anitvirus
    how do other online games work?
  4. Found this on BFBC2's blog, it mentions why im not seeing ping and says "No ping displayed - This is caused by Windows admin privileges. To view ping in the server browser run BFBC2.exe with administrator privileges." How do i run it with administrator privileges?
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    right click the shortcut to the game and then click "run as admin"
  6. Nope, it doesn't have that when I right click.
  7. OK, I found the "run as administrator" thingy but now it wont start up at all it says its "retrieving version information" and once its done just shuts down and im back to the desktop... Im stumped!?!?
  8. um, go into the game folder, so program files > EA > BC2 then right click on BFBC2Game and run as admin, it should start without doing the initialversion check.
  9. I uninstalled it before you had told me to do that and now its starting up perfectly! I went into the program files for BC2 and found a different short cut that had the "run as administrator" option, ran it as administrator and now it displaying the ping for all the servers. Thanx for the help I appreciate it!
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