WTS BNIB 3770k $270 shipped

Hey guys I got one 3770k what was meant for a new pc build but im pretty happy with my i7 920 so maybe someone else can put the to good use. These are BNIB and never opened and i want $270 shipped or if you have something to trade that would be fine as well. Thanks

Heat ~ Jalseng
Shipped to Con 48 only thanks

Edit - Sold one and only one left PM with offers
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  1. Would you be interested in trading for a sapphire vapor-x 7970ghz edition plus cash on your end?
  2. If you had something like an Asus or MSI with 3 year manufacture warranty i'd be more interested.
  3. What's wrong with sapphires 2 year?
  4. I know sappire a great brand but i just preferred a 3 year warrenty for any resell later down the line when i upgrade agian
  5. Well my card only has hours of use on it and was bought December 6th and didn't cooperate with my hackintosh system so I took it out.
  6. hello. interested in this and sent you a pm. Let me know
  7. updated 3/17/13 Sold one and one left
  8. PM'd
  9. Bump Send offers
  10. Items all sold

    I can do 250 on it, but i need a day or so to make sure ive got the motherboard for it.
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