I have problem with runing fallout 3 on windows 7 32bit

i have laptop ,duo core 2.2,game work corectly until i press new game.start loading and then stops, then windows "7" close game because hi have some optical problem.i think the problem is driver for my graphic, i install new driver for Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family ,but i still can play, can anyone tell me what to do??
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  1. Optical problem is with your DVD if that is the error. Sounds like your DVD is bad or the player itself is bad if that IS the error you're seeing.

    But I would also say, the Mobile Intel integrated graphics are not good for gaming and Fallout 3 requires a fairly powerful GPU.
  2. i am having the same problem with it crashing after i click new game. as for the intel card not being good enough i beg to differ. I can play any other BRAND NEW game just fine. fallout 3 is not brand new and shouldnt be having these problems. I have tried under all dif compat modes from windows xp sp2 to windows vista sp2. checked all drivers, windows live, ofc run under admin for all of it, etc etc. If it is simply because of the video then i just wasted 50 bucks lol.
  3. I have had this exact same problem as well as thousands of other out there..bethesda has really let us down.
    No longer will I BUY another one of their products.
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