Windows Default Beep sound on closing games

hello Everyone :D

Where do i start on this one?
This is a long one and by far frustrating. Ive been reading a similar post but nothing like this.

Ive recently back dated to win xp32 from vista 64bit. (just to play all my fav games) Formatted the lot, installed & updated all my drivers, and basically had my box as fresh as it could be !!! hey no problems found :D its running smooth as.
But, just when i thought it couldnt get any better, it got worse. Here is my issue...

Now ive installed two games, "S.T.A.L.K..E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl" and "Battlefield 2" (bf2 my favorite game) just to test how my pc runs, ive updated both games to there most recent patches and also punkbuster and what have you.

Both have an outstanding performance, Stalker, runs fine. Battlefield 2, runs fine.
but when i close down battlefield 2, i get the "Windows Default Beep" sound with a horid lag effect and my pc, will either crash to system start up, or crash with a blue screen memory dump error....
I done some research around forums and come up with multiple solutions to what it could be, and most solutions were regarding hardware/software drivers.

Ok, so i manually unistalled battelfield 2, completely.
Re-updated (again) all of my drivers/sound/vga/chipset/ bla bla u name it... even flashed and updated the bios, and after all of that, i then re-installed bf2.
Seemed ok, for a while... until i shut down the game.

(i tested this five times)
So far, the blue screen messages have stopped, it has not yet crashed to system start up when i terminate the game (though it use to crash once the game had been played for more then 15 minutes), but the "Windows Default Beep" sound with a bad lag effect, is still there...?

Does anybody have a tissue to resolve this issue "Windows Default Beep" because i am completely baffled :pt1cable: on this :o

Usefull tips:
my operating system; all running with standard settings.
Win Xp32
Asus P6T Deluxe
Intel Corei7-965 Extreme Edition
Asus ENGTX 295
Logitech G15 KB
Logitech G9 MS
Logitech X-530 5.1 (External SS)

All Temperatures VGA/CPU/MB/HD are fine, on load and idle.

Help will be very appreciated :hello:
Thank you.
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  1. Ya know what... dont worry :non: lol

    I'm re-doing the hole process over again :pfff: So im off to re-format both my drives and start over, again :ouch: !

    later :hello: later

    Installing Vista 64bit on one HDrive....
    Installing Xp 32bit on the other HDrive. Then we shall see !

    If the problem persists :fou: :pt1cable: im going to Overclock my machine so hard that it melts down into the floor :o and ends up downstairs :heink: :kaola:
    (sorry mum) :sweat:

    Maybe spending over £2.3K on a Pc wasnt a good idea after all :na: .
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