I5 3570k gaming rig for sale!

Hello mates, I am looking to sell a backup rig which has seen about one or two uses in the month or two it's been pieced together.

Pics can be provided if nescesarry.

System specs as follows ->

Windows 8 home premium (Will include CD key + the windows 7 OS that was used when the 8 upgrade offer was available)

8 GB of G-SKILL ripjaws RAM

Gigabyte ultra durable LGA 1155 - Z77 motherboard (Forgot the model, ATX form factor, if necessary will retrieve the box)

Intel i5 3570k unlocked processor (Brand new, never overclocked)

EVGA Nvidia 560 TI (1.5 GB VRAM)

LG Optical disk drive

Coolermaster Storm Scout case, all case fans will be included

Cooler master Hyper 212 + with two Cougar vortex fans attatched (Push/Pull)

OCZ ModXStream 650w power supply

Storage - Hitatchi 500gb hard drive, 180gb intel 330 series SSD.

Additional items (+85 to the PC's price)

Logitech illuminated keyboard

Razer Deathadder

I'm asking 830 + shipping. Home is smoke free and PC has sat on a glass top desk. I can configure a clean install of W8 for you with drive formatting as you wish if you would like. I'm shipping from Houston, Texas. USPS/UPS normally have shipping calculators, whichever you prefer or what your budget allows for please inform me of the shipping service you would like.
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  1. This is an amazing deal. Should be an excess of 1000$ Dollars. Free Bump
  2. Agreed. Not too shabby at all. Anyone looking for a new PC should take a look here. Free bump too. :)
  3. can you post some pics?

    Moved it and ready to ship. You get the NETgear wifi adapter as well for free.
  5. Bump
  6. Amazing deal. Bump.
  7. asking is the 560 an evga or palit card. your link is amazon palit GPU.
    is the RAM speed 2133?

  8. it's evga I didn't add a link did I?
  9. strange, i didnt add a link on my "amazon" by sure as dookie.. there is one.
    was the RAM 2133?


    (edit: reported issue to mods and now the links are gone)
  10. bump, amazing deal
  11. Bump
  12. Are you willing to split ?
  13. Too many bumps.
  14. Man I wish I had the money I only have 600$! >:( (plus spare change)

    I need a new PC....

    This thread is closed , you need to read this then repost a new thread.
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