Brand New STRIKE 7 keyboard, RAT 7 mouse, and FREQ 5 Gaming Bundle

I recently won a STRIKE 7 keyboard, RAT 7 mouse (red), and a FREQ 5 headset. I haven't received them yet, but I am planning on selling them. I think I'll receive them by latest in mid-January.

I'm asking for $450 for the bundle which I think is a pretty good deal.

On Amazon, the lowest a new keyboard STRIKE 7 keyboard, new RAT 7 mouse, and a new FREQ 5 headset goes for are $297.30, $85.28, and $142.39 respectively.

Let me know if your interested
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  1. OK, so I am set to have the bundle delivered next week.

    I'll take $430 for the shipping
  2. That's really too expensive. I know the base price for the keyboard is high, but lets be honest. Is anyone going to spend 300$ on a keyboard?
  3. I sure as hell wouldn't, but what do I know. If you're at all interested, make me an offer.
  4. PM'ed.
  5. PM'ed again.
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