Motherboard Hell

Please help me!

My system:
AMD athlon 2800xp+.
1gig ram, two sticks of 256mb pc3200 Twinmos and one 512mb stick of crucial. Memory set to 333.
Radeon 9800pro
Windows XP Home service pack 1
ALL drivers and updates for every thing.

Right, the problem is that i am experiencing lock ups and restarts when i do anything and especailly when i run benchmarks (3dmark 2001 se & 3dmark2003) sometimes it will not even load up windows but only give the "safemode", "last good config" screen etc. I'v managed to root the problem to my bios were when in the advanced option i browse over the FSB and it comes up with this warning saying:

"CAUTION:According to CPU external frequency setting, system memory can only opperate at frequency higher than or equal to 333MHZ, please make sure the DRAM maximun frequency is not less than 333MHZ"

I dont understand this becuase my memory frequency is set to 333 already. On my motherboard have i missed some sort of jumper that enables this or somthing? because after more looking around in my BIOS i come across the note saying to change the first 4 options the motherboard must be set to "jumper free mode" (this is when i set the cpu speed to "manual" and leave all the options the same e.g. the multiplier and the FSB speed so its running at normal speeds)i cannot find this anywhere. If any one has any ideas on why this thing is screwing up it would be extremly appreciated as i have tried EVERY THING that i can think of.

p.s. HELP :(
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  1. Helps if you have RAM from the same manufacturer and the same size. Often if the RAM doesnt match up your system will run slower and it may not run in DUAL DDR Mode. If the latency (CL##) is not the same on all the RAM that can cause timing problems.

    when you see smoke is that a good sign?
  2. Yea i know :S but the ram is newly added (crucial) and the problem has been happening before it was installed.
  3. Try with only one stick of 512mb ram, or two sticks of 256mb rams. Asus spec this mobo support ddr333 up to 4 bank only, do you exceed the number?
  4. No, my two 256mb sticks (pc3200 twinmos) are 1 bank each and my crucial is 1 or 2 cannot remember, but thats under the limit, even so the problem happened before i added the crucial ram. Il give it ago with just the crucial in though.
  5. If memmory not the cause, then look for overheating, and not to forget power supply unit too, with 9800pro and 2800+ on board, you may need a good 350w PSU.

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  6. Thats not an issue, soz i forgot to mention my 400watt Fortron PSU. Absolutly sure its not overheating MBM5 idle 36 full load 42 max.
  7. You could try updating the motherboard BIOS or using slower memory timings.

    [Insert witty comment here]
  8. I forget where did I read this:

    Via chipsets mobo have compatiblity problem with a number of video cards, which can be solve by disable agp fast write.

    Do you enable agp fast write?
    BTW, what's your hsf, I am thinking of replacing mine, my 2500+ overclock 3200+ max at 60C, trying to make it lower without breaking my eardrum.

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  9. Already updated the bios, dont need 2 change the memory timings and fast write is not on. The problem seems to happen when I set the FSB to 166 it doesnt like it, when u do it brings up the caution error up (as i wrote above) this is really annoying its been going on for ages now, thinking of just buying an Nforce 2 mobo and being done with it. Although i have spent loads on replacing parts already :@
  10. That's just a warning massage, noting more.
    Try to set memory timing slower, like 2 3 2 7, or just use a single 512mb stick, sometimes, multiple stick of rams do need a slower timing to run stablily.
  11. Ok i will try when i get home 2night.
  12. Were you running an nvidia video card on that windows setup? That causes these kinds of 3d errors. If you were, and dont want to do a clean install (recommended) you might get some relief from "driver cleaner" from <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A>.
  13. Im running a ATi 9800pro and i have already tried a format. :( Just about to order a new mobo (think this is the prob) NEVER GET THE ASUS A7V8X-X mobo its shite. Looking at the Abit NF7 v2.0 nForce2 (Socket A) Motherboard.
  14. That's a good chioce for a mobo (I'm biased- see my sig).

    Barton 2500+
    Abit NF7-S v 2.0
    Maxtor 60GB ATA 133 7200RPM
    512MB Corsair Twinx 3200LL
    9600 Pro
    Enermax Noisetaker 420 watts
  15. Orderd it last night £49 from Hope it solves my problem. :)
  16. I feel your pain.....see BIOS SETTINGS????(p.3) and KT400 - Problem?? HELP!(p.2). I set the external freq to 133 and that seems to have stabilized it, and I am hoping that the other problem is as Crashman noted due to an older monitor with incorrect driver.

  17. Installed the new mobo (ABIT NF7) works like a dream! i love nforce 2 !Battle feild vietnam here i come.
    thanks for the help guys
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