Won't connect to online servers

Hello, I made sure all the port were forwarded, I made sure I was only behind one modem, I verified that all ports are open. I still can not get Call of Duty 4 to load the online game servers. I'm not sure what else the problem could be. I don't think it would be the firewall because it has never given me a problem before. Please help!!
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  1. I would check the networking section how to's?

    But alot modems have gaming setups. My modem/router had zero configurations done to it and i connected perfectly.

    A few things though.

    Make sure your modem/router is up to date. Update the firmware.

    What kind of modem/router are you using? Is this a new problem or your first time installing Call of Duty 4? if so what has changed since this problem started?
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