Soyo KT600 Dragon+ and Nvidia 5900?

Help! First time trying to build an AMD system. I bought a Soyo KT-600 Dragon Plus and an Nvidia 5900 Ultra. I also have a gig of Kingston ValueRam on Windows XP. I have a Soundblaster Live Value card that I transfered from my old system. Just got done downloading all the driver updates and the system locks everytime I launch a game. It runs apps just fine. I can play music all day, so I don't think it's the sound card. Will the KT-600 board run the higher end video cards or do I need to pick up something with more horsepower. My processor is a 3200+, if that makes a difference. If a dxdiag or something would help, let me know and I'll post one.
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  1. Got all the latest chipset drivers installed? Especially the AGP

    Got DX9 installed?

    Does DXdiag reflect that everythings OK, no problems ?

    Barton 2500+
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  2. Are you overclocking your CPU? There is no voltage setting in the bios for the +, only for the ultra... you may have to run your CPU at default settings until you discover the beauty of wire mods...

    I bouth that board for a computer I built for my father-in-law last fall--before I saw the light and turncoated to the dark side of nForce2 and ABIT... but I did get his 2400+ running at 166x12.5=2075 at default Vcore...

    OK, just read your entire post... is your PSU big enough?

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