[Wanted] EVGA 680 Classified Hydro Copper

Got lucky and the wifey snagged me one of these for Christmas. Though, coming from Watercooled SLI GTX590s, I'd really like to have 2 of these.

Apparently everyone else wants these pretty badly too, so I'm having trouble tracking one down...but I figure it's worth a shot to ask here.

OR I'd take a 680 Classified Waterblock if anyone has one. I don't mind buying a classified and installing the block myself, but as it stands now, both are proving pretty hard to find.

Thanks all!
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  1. Bummer, you totally got my hopes up haha.

    Not a 680 Classified Hydro Copper unfortunately.
  2. Sorry lol well you can buy the card and install hydro block seperately.
  3. I have seen some on ebay every now and again. Tried looking around for a bit to find one for you but no luck. Hope you can find one man.
  4. I would actually be willing to install the waterblock myself if needed, but I can't even find any of the waterblocks anywhere.

    Guess I'll be watching eBay and crossing my fingers.

    Thanks, me too.
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