Video card for xbox 360 for windows 7 desktop

I have a brand new computer hp desktop with windows 7 it is a basic computer and I plan to use in it xbox 360 games. what do i need to buy for my computer?

a special video card? wireless controles? what else?
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  1. an emulator. But i doubt a HP desktop can run a 360 emulator.
    Its a very demanding piece of software. I think a 360 emulator doesnt even exist at the moment :-/
  2. Essentially what you are planning to do is illegal first off. xbox360 is not the same as a PC. You would need to emulate a 360, which I doubt anything like that even exists at the moment. The only thing like it that actually did exist LEGALLY for a very short period of time, was bleem, a psone emulator you could buy in stores.
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