Anyone wanna sell me their old GTX 580?

So i figured a lot of people have this sitting around after upgrading to 600 series, i got a gtx 465 and always wanted a 580.
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  1. this isn't a buy and sell website
  2. This topic has been moved from the section Graphics & Displays to section Deals by Mousemonkey
  3. Thanks for moving, didnt mean to post it in graphics cards lol.
  4. what version are you looking for?
    i got a EVGA GTX580 DoubleShot and waterblock if needed.
    PM me for information.

  5. I have two identical 580 if you are interested. PM me.
  6. I have a GTX 560 I know its not a 580 but figured i'd throw it out there, it will eventually be for sale in the deals section. (Soon getting 770)
  7. i have a 560 ti pm me for more details
  8. I have a GTX 570 MSI TWIN FROZR II, if you're interested. Better than the 560, and it's practically brand new. I only used it for 2 months until I upgraded because it didn't match with my case theme (I'm kinda weird about how my computer looks...)

    Anyways, if you're interested pm me.
  9. I have 2x gtx 580 3gb editions for sale if you are still interested. Each has only been used for a year and has an arctic accelero hybrid installed so it is ready to rock. Pm me if you are interested.
  10. this thread is over a year old, i kinda doubt he's still looking for anything
  11. Huh, when I looked it showed a more recent timestamp. That is my bad.
  12. @owenheimq recently posted which bumped up the thread, causing all of us to post
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