Got some money, but need help choosing from the following games:

Ok, so i have about $50 to spend and its been a bit since i got a new game, and im currently looking to buy one of these:

Dragon Age Origins- $33.99
Battlefield Bad Company 2- $49.99
Aliens versus Predator- $49.99

Your opinion would be appreciated, since i just can't choose by myself :fou:

Also, I'm assuming i can run all these on max (at 1920x1080) nicely (specs in sig). If not, correct me :)

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Bad Co 2 by FAR
    Great game, most of the people here play it too.
  2. ^+1 definitely best value for money there!!
  3. Id go with BC2.

    But I must say.. I have Dragon Age and that was one hell of a game imo.
  4. Yeah bad company is good, definatly less stupid crap than u have to deal wit than cod, but still some frustrating things
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