Is dragon age worth getting? Im concerned about the combat system.

Its on sale and looks good. I have seen trailers and game play clips. But i cant tell if the combat system is gonna be good. I LOVE RPG's, Final fantasy, Last remnant, kings bounty, Fable, oblivion and fallout. But i HATE witcher, and i fear this may be close to witcher, But i used to like wow and it kinda looks like a cross between wow and witcher.

Im so confused is it a good game? What game is the combat system most like?
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  1. If you have played Knights of the old republic thats probably what its most similar to.

    Its a little hard to get used to but if you like other RPG's you are bound to like this one
  2. if it is a game by bioware then the combat system could be similar to baldur's gate
  3. Sorry, I don't have a good point of reference to tell you which game it's like or whether you would like it or not based on games you like or dislike, but I had a blast with the DAO combat system. The game is good all around but the combat is what made it great for me.
  4. Yeah I can't compare it to anything either because I really don't play RPGs. I played it through a couple of times and it was pretty entertaining though. I would say it is was worth the purchase.
  5. Only had a wee go with it but it is not really like the witcher. Of course I loved the witcher.

    It seems very intricate though but I have not needed anythign yet as am getting to know it on easy mode.

    What didn't you like about the witcher's combat? I would need something to compare the two first before making any real judgements.
  6. Baulders Gate is a good comparison game. AI could use some work, but you're free to micromanage around that if needed. Love the game.
  7. Well, in my opinion Dragon Age Origins is one of the best games there are..period..especially in recent years. If you like story driven games, rpgs, a good story, lively characters, then i cannot see how you could go wrong with DAO...its one of those games you wont rue spend your money on...
  8. I loved The Witcher, but with Dragon Age, you can pause the action and start commanding your party what to do. Star Wars KOTOR was like that as well.

    So, I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for rather than a button masher, but even the Witcher wasn't necessarily a button masher. You had to time your attacks just right to get effective combos going. On the harder level, you had to watch for when your weapon turned yellow or something and that's when you would stack on another combo move. If you didn't time it right, then the combo would reset and you won't do as much damage.
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