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Hi. I have looked everywhere for answers and have come up empty handed and very confused. My original system was an Alienware with a core2 duo (2.66ghz) 2 gigs ram, and a Nvidia Gforce 7950gt. And my operating system was XP. I recently upgraded to 6 gigs ram, Nvidia GTX260, and switched to Vista (32 bit). I got Oblivion when it first came out and it's my favorite still. It ran pretty well on high settings on my old system, but i wanted to max it out. Since I upgraded, I've experienced lag in places that ran perfect with my old system, like any of the towns or the tutorial at the beginning. I have all the recent patches for my video card and Oblivion, and I've tried using the Collector's Edition along with the expansions or the Game of the Year editon. I also know that DX9 games don't work as good with Vista sometimes, but all the forums I've been to say Vista should be fine. I really am bummed out cuz I upgraded to get the most out of games like oblivion and Fallout 3. Oh yeah, Fallout 3 runs better on my new setup than Oblivion. Can you feel my frustration??? please help me. I know it has to be a simple solution like tweaking my Nvidia control panel.
G-man, 3-17-2010
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  1. Weird.

    You do realise that the computer can only see 3.5ish Gb of your 6Gb RAM, because you are using a 32bit operating system. Did you buy 2x2Gb DIMMS and leave the 2x1Gb DIMMs which were already in there?

    I would take out the 2x1Gb. Ive never really put myself in this scenario, but I also upgraded from 2Gb (2x1Gb) to 4Gb (2x2Gb), but I stopped using my old RAM. And I'm using 64bit Windows 7!

    I think taking the two 1Gb DIMMs out <i>might</i> help, because it will change the way which the RAM operates.

    Another thing to check would be that you have the most up to date drivers for your GTX260, although that may seem obvious.......


    Sacrificing Anti Aliasing slightly may stop lag also. If you are using 8xAA then reducing this to 4x might improve the situation, with very little noticable difference in overall quality.

    I should really sell it . . . . .
  2. teh old RAM that is
  3. my system says i have 5 gb ram (vista eats up the other gb). I already tried the anti-aliasing and everything else i could think of. Fallout 3 works like a charm on high settings with 4x anti-aliasing, and it has the same engine as oblivion. even Bioshock 2 works great. And yes i have the most recent drivers for my video card. I've also gone through my Nvidia contol panel and tweaked all the settings for oblivion, like forcing the HDR with anti-aliasing enabled. I think God knows how much I love oblivion and is punishing me. Thank you for your input. I won't give up, even if I have to go back to my old setup. I've heard that oblivion fans are switching to ATI because of compatibility issues with newer Nvidia cards. oh my ram is: 2x1gb ddr2 Patriot and 2x2gb ddr2 Corsair, all at 800 mhz. blah blah blah blah
  4. I would suggest to looking into the power supply i know for fact that gtx260 uses upto 450-500w at it's peek. That is one main issues w/ pre-build systems is the power supply when upgrading graphic card.
  5. The GTX 260 uses a max of 182 watts.

    Anandtech had a system with a 65nm intel quad and it peaked at 300w with a GTX 260.
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