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long story short: My xbox loads up, runs fine for a bit, then goes "KZZZZT!", a frozen pixellated picture occurs and on reboot i see the RROD. Apparently I've overheated it and my repair shop says they can fix it but it'll only be temporary.

My question is: "Is this true, or are they trying to sell me another xbox unneccesarily?"

Note: I may have opened my xbox to clean it afterward (Loads of dust build-up!) thus voiding my warranty and its a 1st gen anyway....

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  1. RROD sucks, I've fixed a few for friends before using various methods and a couple of them are still working whilst others are not, repair shop are telling the truth, and no, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT IT OVERHEATED. it had nothing to do with you, its a common problem so dont let anyone say its your doing that caused overheating!
  2. Oh ok, so you think its off to the shop for a new xbox then?? How did you go about fixing them?

    *PHEW* atleast its not my fault! hehe! I'm not too upset coz I've had the thing for a good 4yrs or so now so its done its fair share!
  3. There are may fixes, I personally strip the Box and get my Solder iron out and re-solder correct pind, re-apply good heatsink compound and install extra fan, works most of the time.

    Yeah I think though its best to go get a new one :) Also you will ge surprise how much you can sell your old RRoD Xbox for on E-bay!
  4. Thanks... I guess its off to the shops to get the best price!

    Maybe I'll also get my pops to have a look at it - seeing as he is an electrical engineer and all. Any key things to keep an eye out for if attempting a repair??
  5. 1. Sell your RROD box on ebay, console only (keep everything else). You should be able to get $50 for it
    2. Buy a working console-only 360 on ebay. You should be able to get one for under $100 (I got mine for $80)
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT
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