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I have a old IBM 300PL (P2 300MHz) that I was testing Linux with. It worked fine for a couple days but eventually it just stopped working. It has 2 SDRAM sticks of 32MB PC100 memory, both IBM brand but different models. When I have 1 or both of the sticks of memory in it will start up, not even get as far as BIOS (no display), and will shut off. It's about 4-5 seconds.
With no memory at all it will not shut off, but will give me a beep/pause/3beeps/pause/beep code. Probably a no memory beep code because of no memory.
Is this as obvious as me fing up the memory by turning it on/off since im testing it? Or do you think it's a blown CPU or something?
Just want to know what to replace, besides the whole thing, but it ran fine for Debian woody.
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  1. Try it without drives, see if you can get to the bios screen. Most likely problem is a bad psu, or connection.
  2. Nope. Tried with the harddrive/cd-rom disconnected and nothing. Tried a good/new high wattage PSU and didn't work either. Worked fine before, now nothing. I'm sure it's either CPU or Memory, just want to know what those symptoms would mean.
  3. What PCI cards do you have? Try playing around with them (taking them out, moving them to a diffarent slot etc..)
    Also check your PSU, not long ago I had a computer that would turn off after a few seconds of running due to a defective PSU.

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  4. I have a 8mb video card and 2 10/100 NICs in it for PCI cards. Nothing changes when I take them out, and like I did before I used a good PSU.
  5. I think you have squeezed the last bit of life out of this unit. Bad MB or CPU seems likely to me. Time for an upgrade anyway at E-Bay.com. You can probably get a 500+ CPU and mb for 50 bucks.

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  6. Bit of an update:
    It is not the memory, got a new stick of compatible memory.
    It is not the CPU, got a new one (well a new 300MHz PII).

    So it's gotta be the mobo. Really dont want to buy a new one but I have all these parts, and its just linux, runs on a 468 with 6mb of ram.
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