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Hi friends,

I have Pentium D processor 3.4GHZ, which is running on intel DG31PR chipset.
Now i want to upgrade and purchase Core2Quad for gaming.

My question is that can this chipset perform well on core2Quad?
According to intel site, chipset is compatible with processor. :)

But one of my friend (who is a computer shop retailer) says that you can run Quad on chipset but it will not perform well. According to him compatibility and performance two different thing. He suggested me to buy core2duo. Is it really so? and it is worth less to buy core2quad? :(

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  1. one more thing i want to add, I will not do overclocking.
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    it will run or it won't, some chipsets are better at overclocking but thats all really.

    intels says that most of them run, check the list above. Make sure you have updated your bios first though.

    if you're gaming and have a non-overclocking policy then a faster C2D might be better than a C2Q, but might not be by much and will be less so with newer games, i'd go with C2Q i've got a Q9550 with a 8800GTX an am very happy with it. The larger cache sizes on Q's don'tseem to have much of an impact, so by what fits and what you can afford.
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