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Hello, i have a question about the crash i have when ever i open my counter strike source. i can start to play on any server, but after about 2-20 min of being in game my screen turns black and my whole OS crashes not even able to pull up my task manager, go to desktop, not even a cursor on screen anyone have an idea as to what could cause this? i use to play on vista before i u/g to 7 and had no problems. thanks in advance if you can help.
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  1. Hey; since i installed my new geforce 9600 GT, i've got exactly the same problem :/ did you find a solution yet?
  2. mitchoz said:
    Hey; since i installed my new geforce 9600 GT, i've got exactly the same problem :/ did you find a solution yet?

    nah mitch looked everywere still same problem no one seems to know whats causes this.......
  3. Well the situation is actually worse than I tought, because yesterday I reinstalled my whole OS and formatted all my hdds, and it still doesnt work... So it has to be a serious hardware problem.. Anyway, I try to fix this :P i'll tell ya if I find a solution
  4. Hey, just wanted to tell ya, that I was able to solve the problem very easily. When I recieved my new graphic card, I accidently installed the wrong driver software. I use the 64bit version of win7, but installed the drivers for the 32bit version by mistake. After having installed the appropriate driver, the game didn't crash for 2 days now. Maybe you made the same or a similar mistake as I did? Try to reinstall the driver for your graphic card, and play a little with the video settings of the game; I suppose this should fix the problem :)
  5. Well actually it's not :X because now, I might have managed to fix the problem at counter strike source, but my PC continues to crash at other games.. I'm kinda freaking out at the moment, because I can't find a damn solution.. What I found out is this: If the core temperature goes higher then 71°C, the pc ALWAYS crashes (I suppose it's some kind of a safety measure).. But in fact, this information is not really helpful, because the temperautre never reaches the 72° while playing and freezes anyway..
  6. well im using a laptop so im not sure what causes this but like you said it does overheat alot i can feel it when i load the game... >_< amd prob.
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