Battlefield : bad company 2 crashes after update

hi guys,

has anyone applied this update that was mandatory to play the game and now the game crashes to the desktop each time after applying the update?

what did you do to resolve it?

I tried to uninstall the game (keeping my saved games) and reinstalling it, no luck.

any ideas?

ea tells me since im running win7 theres no guarantee it will work..and I told them all my other games work fine..
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  1. Ummm, mine will crash to the desktop every once in a while, probably 3 times a day since this patch W7 x64 also
  3. Nope, same here, I tried the latest NVIDIA drivers and I am still getting the same thing. Hopefully they can toss out another patch soon with some fixes, well as long as someone reports these problems.
  4. I cant even play the game at the all
  5. It instantly crashes when you start it?
  6. well it attempts to take me back to where I was, but nothing after that..I mean I try and resume game..and as its almost done loading..crashes
  7. wait, what? does the actual game close out or do you just disconnect from the server?
  8. the game itself quits
  9. Oh, yea same here, I havent had any problems after this latest nvidia driver, but only tested the game for like 45 mins so the problem might still exist, what gfx card do you have?
  10. I have the 5970, two of them actually
  11. oh, then idk, just a ton of people having a ton of problems with this update.
  12. 2 5970's is like having 4 video cards. I have read alot about people pulling one if they have 2 5970 or 2 295's and getting better stability since there are not any games that support that kind of fire power. I am having the same problems with the crashing in the server browser in BC2. Just dumps me to the desktop and does not even show an error code or anything and I am running a i7 920 with one 5870.
  13. even with a single 5970, the game still crashes after i resume game or attempt to stat a new caompaign..this all happened after I installed that dam mandatory patch from ea.. and they now tell me the game wasnt tested on windows 7, but it ran fine and quite well before your dam update
  14. I have notice that it happens the most suring peak times on weekends, maybe they dont have enough server yet. From 7 to 9 mine dumped me 6 time either in game or just in the server browser. After 930 or so i played till 12 with no crash. This might be happenstance but might have merit to. I dont know either way just an observation.
  15. Ugh that would be horrible if it was actually because they had limited bandwith, but i dont believe that is the problem, EA im sure has mass amounts of server space ready for a huge amount of players.
  16. I had the exact same problem. Rather than Resuming the current chapter you are on, start the current chapter you are on, from the beggining.
  17. You would seriously have though they wouldnt release games which crash all of the time on good computers.....?

    STALKER CS all over again
  18. is the stalker series that buggy? seems like it and seems like metro 2033 isnt that much better either..atleast not on ati hardware.. but I think regardless of the hardware, if the game is poorly coded, its going to run lousy
  19. We really need fix for this crashing problem though.
  20. ea doesnt want to hear far as they are concerned, this game isnt desinged for win 7 or any 64 bit system..
    I got it to work by just starting a mission over..

    its a shame when a cool game comes out that is buggy.. the graphics in this are prety amazing too..
  21. actually, they released a new patch today. But I am STILL getting freezes, never less than 2 per hour.
  22. i've crashed twice in about 70 hours.

    core i5, 4gb ram, radeon4890. windows 7 64bit - without any fiddling.

    not too bad for a game that was only released a couple of weeks ago.
  23. try to run new game that will work......i already finished the game.Run the BFBC.exe Not the Updater.exe
  24. Its a known issue, Dice is looking into it.
    Theres a big thread about this on the EA forums:
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