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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a HTPC/gaming rig to run on my Home Theater. I would like to run games on max without frame rate skipping but I am realistic i know its not feasible under $800 so lets say good gaming capabilities. I am currently using an i3 HP DV4 Media laptop as my HTPC but is is obviously not sufficient for gaming on any level, although it runs XBMC flawlessly. I like Intel CPUs, i5 Sandy is ideal. I like the BIOS on ASUS' MBs but I'm open to trying something new. Anyway I refuse to do a long distance deal, I'm in NY, NYC near Madison park to be specific. I would like to make this deal happen in person. I'm looking to spend no more than $600 and the PC has to to on the smaller side.

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  1. are you running a monitor or a TV?
    the i3 should be quite enough, the graphics are prolly the main degradation.
    unless running latest titles, they are the most part GPU oriented. getting into
    the 3rd titles, now your needing some CPU support.

  2. Build it? It's easy.
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