Several older parts for sale, circa 2008, Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM

So as you can see in the title, I have a bunch of things up for grabs here if anyone is interested. The parts are relatively old for techies, about 4 years, as they were used in a build from 2008. They are very strong parts though and have outlasted 2 hdd's of mine, and I have kept them in great condition.

None of these parts were ever overclocked, and I have the complete boxes and manuals, along with the driver discs for everything. I currently am trying to sell the following components -

MoBo - DFI LanParty 790FX : Product Info -

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ : Product Info -

GPU - HD Radeon 3850 512MB : Product Info -

RAM - G.Skill 4GB(2x 2GB) DDR2 800MHz RAM : Product Info -

G. Skill 2GB(2x 1GB) DDR2 800MHz RAM: Product Info -

MoBo, CPU w/fan, and RAM are all still combined together. I can sell all of them combined or separate them based on demand.

Everything is 100% working, in anti-static bags, and in box.

Asking $120 OBO for everything, based on half the average values shown from Newegg and Ebay. Individual items, make me an offer.

Email Richard at

Thanks guys!
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  1. Will the DDR2 2 gig sticks work on a MB that says 240 DIMM? Don't know too much about RAM, it has 4 slots and can support 8 gigs, so I know I can use 2 gig sticks, just not sure if you can use SDRAM in a DIMM MB, don't know what the difference is...
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