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Hello, Im currently on trip on the United States. Since Im from Argentina I was planning to buy here a PSU but to my surprise when I went the Bestbuy in San Francisco they only had on store rubish power supplies. To buy better to supplies I had to order them first via online (which I cant do since it will ask me an us billing adress).
Im going to be in Los Angeles next week. Is there a computer store that still have good hardware on stock ? I cant order things online.

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  1. In the LA are there are a couple of choices -- Fry's Electronics and Micro Center -- Fry's has several locations in the area and Micro Center has one location in Tustin which is a bit of a drive from LA but not too far (Near the intersection of the 5 and 55 freeways just southeast of Disneyland).
  2. Esto no es una solucion pero ya tambien me encuentro en la misma situación , al parecer las unicas que existen fisicamente son Frys electronics y microcenter.
    frys electronics no vende GPUS si estabas interesado
  3. Just go to microcenter, better prices and you will find everything you need.
  4. As a Micro Center employee.. definitely go to Micro Center. Our power supply wall is way too big for its own good. There are very few respectable options that aren't available there.
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