[SOLD] Alienware M17X R2 $850 crossfire or $1200 w/ 580M [SOLD]

I have my Alienware M17 R2 for sale

If you want it with the 580M 2GB DDR 5 I will sell it for $1200

for $850 I will put the dual 5870M's back in it.

Its got the 256GB SSD from Dell and I put a WD 250 GB Blue 5400 RPM in the 2nd slot.

I upgraded it from the i5 520M to the i7 740QM

Here is a video of the CPU upgrade, even though I eventually used a different CPU:

Here's a video of me upgrading the laptop to crossfire with dual 5870Ms:

Here's the video of me upgrading the laptop to the 580M:

These videos are of the actual laptop itself.

Buyer be warned: with the 580M you have to use modded drivers and fan control software to speed the fans up, I use HWMonitor Pro and it works VERY WELL. it runs about 77C during gaming, but with AC on, it hits about 73C.

The 580M is basically an under clocked 560 Ti and is excellent for gaming, and its also the same GPU as the rebadged 675M, so if you want it with that, its a great gamer!

It also has the 95% color gamut LED screen that's almost true color, and I used this laptop for photo editing, so the newer Alienwares don't have as nice of a screen.

i7 740QM
8GB Kingston
256 GB SDD
250 GB WD Blue 5400 RPM
16:10 1920x1200 95% RGB LED LCD
580M 2GB DDR 5 or Dual 5870M in Crossfire
Windows 7 Home 64 Bit
alienware booklet and recovery/OS disk
200W AC adapter

Shipping included in price to lower 48 states only, please.

I think my price is very fair for either setup, so it is firm.

I would prefer to keep the 580M and put the original GPU's back in when selling the laptop, but if someone feels comfortable with a modded setup, its really a great price.

Please ask any questions by PM or by replying to the thread


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  1. very nice .... if i was on the market for a new laptop I would be sending you a PM. That thing is a nice ......
  2. I can play Crysis 2 at about 50 fps at 1680 x 1050, at 45 fps at 19x12, with the 580, the 2 5870M I run about 40 fps and 35 fps. StarCraft 2 easily plays on Ultra.

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  7. Are you considering any trades, or looking for straight cash?
  8. I'd prefer cash, I think its a good price, what kind of trade? you can PM me
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  10. I can get 50 FPS in Max Payne 3 with high settings on 1920x1200 with NO AA and tessellation off.

    I get 45-50 FPS in Crysis 2 direct x 11 Extreme settings. Never dips below 38 in the INTENSE scenes, I use a custom Autoexec.cfg file that turns off advanced AA effects and most post processing, but I still have FULL explosions, lighting effects, depth of field, objects, high res textures (cuz its a 2GB card) and particles, it looks awesome.

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  12. Sent you a PM.
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  15. Nice laptop. Just upgraded My M17x r2 with Dual ati 6970 :P. But if your trying to sell laptop Try They deal the laptops. I also Upgrading my Cpu to i7 920. I have the 720qm right now.
  16. I am gonna list the 580M for sale on here, I don't really deal with laptops, a lot, and it sucks to have 8000 logins to different site.

  17. email me Im interested. :hello:
  18. Already sold
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