Steam won't uninstall clientregistry.blob corrupted

Hello, my "steam" program won't uninstall due to a clientregistry.blob is corrupted..... It won't uninstall clientregistry or anything heres the error message: Steam.exe (main exeption):cannot open blob archive file: CMultiFieldBlob(mem-mapped file):existing file to short or long to be blob file.

--Note: this file is uneditable and it wont let me delete it.
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  1. Use malwarebytes file assain to delete it.
  2. Just delete that file. Goto Start->Search and type ClientRegistry.blob. It's a garbage file - people delete it all the time to increase ingame performance. Perfectly safe. Consider it a text document that's 5MB. Really, it's just trash - you can google it if you'd like if it gives you reassurance.
  3. @Crazycarpet, try to reboot into safe mode and then try to delete the clientregistry.blob file.

    Usually, you can delete all files except the steam.exe file and your apps directory. Then, you can run the steam.exe file again and it will download and update your client.

    I'm assuming your trying to reinstall Steam due to the blob file being corrupted?
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