Ping iz very high in lan party

im 8neee6a i want 2 ask u a question i hav abut playin maltiplayer in a wireless lan connection in quake 3 arena and counter strike with ma other friend laptop and it always tell us the ping is 2 high wht iz tha solution 4 this problem
my laptop spicification intel r core tm 2 duo cpu t5800@2.00 ghz ram 3.00 gb windows vista home premuim 32 - bit
thanks in advance
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  1. wat iz wit ur typin?

    Right, have you tried connecting directly to the router with a cable? have you tried pinging the router itself from within CMD?
  2. Having a latency is different to a lag, lag is computer based and the speed of the cPU, GPU and RAM have an effect on it. Ping or Latency is purely network based. It depends on the distance from your computer to your ISP to the server you are trying to connect to. So the further the distance, the higher the latency. Nothing can be done except looking for closer ISPs and game servers.

    Correct me if I am wrong :)
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