Resident Evil 5 question: What do I need? A faster proc/or better GPU?

My Specs:
proc: intel core 2 Q8400
mobo:asus P5Q-SE2
GPU: inno3d geforce 9600GT 512mb
hardrive: seagate 320 mb sata
4Gb kingston 667 Ram
OS: windows 7

What will i need to upgrade (proc/vidcard)? to play RE5 at max setting in a 1440x900 resolution?
All info/comments/advise will be much appreciated?
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  1. use gamebooster , i hope so it will go. you got a good gpu.
  2. Upgrade your GPU and overclock your processor.

    What PSU do you have?
  3. i have an acbel 660W psu. I'm thinking its a gpu bottleneck issue but i'm not so

    sure. The game runs ok with 8xAA max video setting @ 1440x900 but it only

    averages @ 30fps. I want to run it @ 60 fps solid. Any suggestions?
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    I think a GTX260 or a Radeon 4890 would do it. Radeon 5770 is also a popular choice.

    You wont need anything more powerful than those for that game.
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  6. Would 4870 vapor-x be an equivalent as well??
  7. It's GPU issue. I was running the game on a E5200 2.5gig dual core with a GTX 260 216 shader and maxed it at 1680x1050. Bench mark said I was getting 45ish frames on average.
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