CPU, GPU, RAM for MW2?

ok so i have a very nice Processor (Amd Phenom ii x4 3,2ghz) but my video card isnt very good. im just wondering in Modern Warfare 2 which different things (textures, resolution, Anti Aliasing, shadows. etc) are controlled by the CPU?

what exactly does the CPU do in a game? or is all of that handled by the GPU? what about the Ram?

oh eventually i will be upgrading my video card but just for now i have to use this one
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  1. The GPU handles textures, resolutions, anti aliasing, and shadows and more. The CPU/RAM process together to ensure optimal performance as they are all very reliant on eachother to function. CPU/RAM provides hastened responses as far as processing application data/opening applications. In regards to MW2, it's a combination of CPU/RAM/GPU. You want atleast 4GB of RAM and a 512MB GPU for MW2.
  2. You will probably be able to run the game on your PC, but forget anti aliasing, complex shaders and very high resolutions. If you lower the quality I think it will be playable.
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