Crysis Xtreme Particle Chaos Physics Mod v6.0 in (HD) + Download

How you all doing?

Couldn't forget my Toms Hardware Buddies.

In this Update to v6.0 you'll find hundreds of fixes and improvements over v5.0.

I can't list everything I fixed because I've got probably 150 or so hours more into it.

Lots of Performance fixes and quality fixes and Soft particle fixes.

Even Map particals.

I've changed/tweaked probably %80 of all the particles,
Some you just don't change because theres no reason or anything you can do.

Added more physics to more particles.

changed a whole lot of particles that were released with v5.0 cause they looked bad.

But, I can't find every little thing, So it would be very helpful if any of my Users,
Find any odd looking things or something that could be better, to let me know.

Thank you all for using my Mods, I hope you enjoy them.

My main Reason for doing these is to make people happy.

If I can make 1 person happy then it's worth it.

Thanks you all very much for the good ratings that show me you like it.

Thanks to You Tube for there great Site.

Have a Nice day, GAME ON , and be happy!

Download =
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  1. Dude, what type of pc specs are you running this on, looks buttery smooth
  2. do you mind if i post this on my website?
  3. Slayer32163 said:
    do you mind if i post this on my website?

    No Go Right ahead!

    Specs in my Sig.

    But running Q9650 @ 3.6GHz now.
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