Difference between Symantec AV & Norton AV?

Hi all,

I was hoping that someone could tell me the difference between Symantec Anti Virus & Norton Anti Virus. They seem to be made by the same company but seem to be two different applications. Is one better than the other? Is one of them easier on the system than another? Symantec anti virus looks to have less of a "footprint" on the system.

Is this the case?

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  1. I'm quite sure that they are the same company.
  2. Norton is a brand of Symantec - I've never seen a "Symantec Anti Virus" ... go to symantec's web site and see for yourself.

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  3. Perhaps you mean the difference between the corprate and home versions of norton antivirus? I believe syamatec calls their corprate antivirus "Symantec Antivirus Corprate Edition". The corprate version is A LOT better but I don't think you can buy just one copy of it. You have to buy a block of licences or a site licence.

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  4. I have SAV Corp at work & NAV at home. I noticed that the NAV is really bogging down my whole WinXP Pro system. There are tons of NAV "services" running on my PC. SAV corp at work is much lighter. I think I can get a copy also.
  5. My own personal opinion ... I dislike Symantec and would never use Norton ... even if it's free (I use Free AVG).

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  6. I don't use free antivirus program because I distrust them. How can free be better than Symantec (beside it being free of course), which I'm currently using. How can free antivirus or rather how can company that offer free antivirus makes money in order to have resources to make their antivirus program better? If it is advertisement, then you will have to let spyware into your system. If it is donation, then maybe it not so free and the program may not be updated if there not enough funding. Also is free antivirus being updated as quickly as the not so free antivirus program?
    Symantec is also being use by my company. If company trust, Symantec, then it is good enough for me. The company I'm current with have more than 1,000 employee, and each has a computer. I also have BitDefender Professional antivirus program and I have not try their product yet, but it got to be better than the free antivirus.
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