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Can windows XP viruses affect windows 7?

Built a new computer and want to throw my old harddrive into the case. With this new computer i bought a new harddrive and installed windows 7. What I am wondering is if my old harddrive has windows XP and a virus on it (not sure that it does id just rather be safe than sorry) will it affect windows 7 at all? I know for certain that it does have XP on it, more then likely only has been updated to sp2.
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  1. Not if your win 7 system has a reputable active antivirus/ malware software...
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    Most viruses that affect Windows XP will not infect Windows 7 providing UAC is not turned off. Of course as time passes this is becoming less and less true.
  3. I have norton 360 and I havent intentionally turned UAC off (whatever that is :P). So hopefully I will be alright. Thanks for the help fellas.
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