FS: [REDUCED] Custom SeaSonic Single-Sleeved Modular PSU Cables

Hey all!

I'm selling a very nice custom set of black/UV blue modular cables for a SeaSonic PSU, originally purchased from modDIY. They ended up being too short for my ATX mid-tower case and the 18+10 pin to 20+4 pin main power cable that came in this set didn't fit my 16+10 pin to 24 pin connector on my X-750 (I clearly didn't do my research :pfff:). All cables in the set are approximately 15" (40cm) long and are made with high quality UL1007 18AWG wires, gold-plated pins and high-density sleeving. The full set includes:

- (1) Main Power ATX 18+10 Pin to 20+4 Pin cable
- (1) CPU/EPS 8 Pin to 4+4 Pin cable
- (1) Dual PCIe 12 Pin to 6+2 Pin cable (2 PCIe connectors in total)
- (2) Triple 6 Pin to SATA cable (6 SATA connectors in total)
- (2) Dual 6 Pin to Molex/IDE/ATA cable (4 Molex connectors in total)
- (Bonus) Canon "Hurricane" Air Blower

modDIY Product Page

I've only had these cables for a few days; they are brand new and I put them back in their original packaging after discovering they wouldn't fit with my case.

I'm asking for $70 shipped (originally bought for $125, including shipping). Price is firm. No international shipping.

I've already posted this offer on Craigslist (where most of this post is derived from), but I'm hoping it might get more attention on here :D. I do, however, advise y'all to have a look at my post on Craigslist as it has pictures (a couple of which are upside-down).

Craigslist Post

PM me if interested! Thanks!
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  2. Please post a picture in your thread, with a personalized note next to your item, similar to the one in this link. It helps prove you own the item.
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    I apologize for taking so long to post this. These past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy :pt1cable:.

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