PC/MoBo - Repair/Upgrade Help Needed!

Hello everyone!

New to the forums. I see that you all do a good deal of help around here, and would like some help.

Alright. I have this old computer that my friend gave me. whenever I try to turn it on - monitor goes green to amber right away. I have tried different monitors and different graphics cards, and it is all the same problem. I conlcuded it must be the Motherboard. I need to buy a new motherboard that will support my CPU and RAM already in the system; problem is, I don't know what MoBo will support what I have.

I have an old AMD-Based Motherboard, that is square-shaped (Approx. 9" x 9.5"). I know they don't really make any MoBo's this size anymore, so I guess I will have to buy a new case to support the new MoBo that I am to purchase, right? Hopefully there is some kind of MoBo that supports the following:

CPU (read off the CPU itself, mainly from the center information square on top)

-AMD Athlon
-A1400AMB3B (B's at the end might be 8's)
-There is also the number: 27016 on the side, if that helps. Also says 1999AMD on it.

-1 stick 128MB SDRAM PC133 - 333 - 520 (16x64 SDRAM)

I assume the hardrive and CD-Drives already in it will be compatible with any new MoBo.

So I guess this means I need:
- 1 Case (probably with a Power Supply)
- 1 Motherboard (capable of supporting the CPU and RAM specified above, and able to fit in the new case :: Bouns if you can find a MoBo that would fit in the current case!)
-If at all possible stay Under US$150. $US180 at the absolute most! I just want it to be able to run, and support Windows XP.

This is all my problems, and if I could get some help and assistance on what kind of everything to get, a TON will be off my back. All help is loved!

Thank you!
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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum!

    Ahhh... you've got the old 1.4 GHz. Thunderbird chip. It runs on a 266 front side bus and was notoriously hard to cool! Make sure you have a quality heat sink and fan! I used to have one of those, but broke a corner with a botched HSF installation...sigh....

    Sounds like you're looking for something pretty basic. I'd recommend an integrated board like MSI's KM2M Combo-L which also has integrated video. It's $53 at Newegg plus $6 shipping. It supports SDRAM memory and if you're planning on running Windows XP, I'd strongly recommend you buy another stick of SDRAM (about $30 for 128 meg) or better yet, throw the SDRAM away and buy an inexpensive stick of 256 meg DDR RAM and run that instead (about $50). The board will support either DDR or SDRAM, but not both together.

    As for your case, it sounds like you may have an ATX case already so you may be able to reuse it. If not, a decent case will run you around $50 including an acceptable power supply. Since cases are expensive to ship, you might go to a local computer store and see if they have a better deal. But beware, they often peddle a lot of c**p. Newegg will cost about $65 for a nice case including shipping. Brands I would recommend are Antec, Fortron, or Enermax.

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  2. I think the "B" chip is a 200mhz FSB and the "C" chip was 266mhz. Got to agree with the MSI choice though. If he has a 1.4 200mhz chip it is extremely rare. I'll double check but most MSI boards in that series should run both speeds.

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  3. MSI sounds like a good option and they have been looked upon very highly in this forum. However if you get an ECS EliteGroup K7S5A, you will not only be able to run that processor with your old SDRAM but you will also be equipped should u want to upgrade to an AMD Athlon XP and change to DDR RAM. The chipset on this board is a Sis chipset (not sure what number it is exactly) and whilst performance may not be its strong point, reliability certainly is. The downside to this board is the you will need to provide your own graphics card but an AGP slot is provided. The sound is integrated but its a basic stereo solution.

    This is designed for an ATX case and you can pick these up with complimenting power packs for as little as £40 in high street retailers - you will be charged for the weight by mail order retailers!

    Hope this helps!

    PC Spec: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ running at 1.25ghz, ECS K7S5A Motherboard, 768MB SDRAM PC133, Sparkle nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 32MB AGP Graphics Card, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 6.1, Windows Me
  4. I agree, the ECS K7S5A was the other board I was thinking about. I recommended the MSI board only because the ECS boards seem to have some folks that hate them for quality issues. I have one and it works just fine, as you say. Roughly comparable to the Via KT266a in terms of performance on that SiS chipset.

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