Howdy all, I am currently using 2 GTX 570s in SLI, but since I mostly play BF3, the low VRAM is getting annoying, so I want to trade this. I'm looking to trade both of these for a 670, but make me an offer. I want a card with at least 2GB of VRAM.

If not a trade, I'm also willing to sell for cash. I'd like to get $180 for one, $300 for both. Again, make me an offer. Both are sold. Thanks!

One is the EVGA Superclocked GTX 570 ( and the other is the EVGA GTX 570 HD ( They both work great.

I am also selling my Coolermaster Real Power Pro 80Plus 1250W PSU ( Its a few years old but it works great. (Have the box too). I want to either trade for a MODULAR (must be modular) PSU of at least 850W or $150. (Make an offer.)

Thanks for looking.

Ebay/Heat: bookwormsy

I'll take Paypal or Amazon Payments.

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  3. PMed you.
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  5. Praying for cable managment advice
  6. Thats why I need a new PSU.
    Modular Psu's aren't always the answer, its the time thought and effort You put in that makes for clean wiring, check the galleries in homebuilt and W/c for some tips and inspiration :)
    We can help you, but you have to want a clean case :P
  8. Well the problem is that I physically need somewhere to put the extra cables. I have at least 5 sets of cables that need to so somewhere. I put a lot of it on the side you can't see but the hole is only so big.
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