What requirements do i need to run empire total war on a high graphic setting

I am looking at a computer with 2.6GHz dual core processor, 4MB Memory and 1GB Video Card. Will this be enough for me to run Empire Total War at full graphics settings? I don't know very much about computers so if you could put your answers in a way as simple as possible, it would be much appreciated!
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  1. Sounds like it probably is enough, but without knowing the type of Video Card it is hard to say for sure. Can you post the model of video card which the system will be using?
  2. What screen res are you running?

    I have a friend running a dual-core 2.1ghz and one of the last 5*** ATI gfx cards (I can't remember which one) - runs empire just as well at 1680x1050 as my PhenomII 955 / GTX280 - and he always beats me... :(
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