BF Bad Comp 2 Graphics Problems


Having graphics problem. Once in game, immediately the game begins to spin quickly around my character. I've deleted game, re-installed....sometimes it will work, and then the next time it will not work.

I've got a quad extreme O/C'd to 3.66 / 4 gig ram / Vista 32-bit / BFG 295 GTX graphics card....thoughts?
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  1. Is everyone of your drivers updated?
  2. fact i updated my graphics drivers tonight with the most up to date, got in the worked!! into a out......the world is spinning all around again. Really not sure about this one??????
  3. Could it be a problem with your mouse?
  4. Not a mouse problem, because I can actually see my weapon out in front of me (which is still unless I move my mouse, then it will move), but for whatever reason, the "world" around the character is spinning around.
  5. put down the vodka and your spinning should stop
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