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Having graphics problem. Once in game, immediately the game begins to spin quickly around my character. I've deleted game, re-installed....sometimes it will work, and then the next time it will not work.

I've got a quad extreme O/C'd to 3.66 / 4 gig ram / Vista 32-bit / BFG 295 GTX graphics card....thoughts?
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  1. Maybe there's a game patch out there ?
  2. Lol, your character spinning around? That sounds more like a peripherial problem. Try reinstalling your mouse or keyboard drivers if needed. Also, people were having issues w/ the beta version still installed. I myself need to uninstall the beta version.

    I am having a graphics problem as well. I get blips in my screen. It never happened in Beta though.
    If i can explain right, think as the black and white lines the monitor. Thats what it would look like from time to time on my screen. Probably once per game load. I wouldnt lose visual display, just black lines running on the screen for maybe a second or two.

    I will uninstall the beta, but does anyone else have ideas?
  3. You're not the same guy who is having problems with HAWX are you?
  4. RickyT23 said:
    You're not the same guy who is having problems with HAWX are you?

    Me, nope. Do not even own that game.
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