Mass effect 1 and win 7 issues

has anyone run mass effect 1 under windows 7?

I am trying to play the game but it seems to be kind of buggy. sometimes the game quits on me, other times I cant do certain things in the game like simply talk to people to get missions..after hitting the appropriate key?

any ideas?

does this game just not run well under win 7?
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  1. Runs just fine for me. I purchased mine through Steam, so I don't know about installing it from DVD.

    Have you uninstalled it and tried reinstalling it? Also, what are your system specs? Are you within the required specifications that they list?
  2. maybe a driver problem. Try to update graphics and sound drivers.
    If you have an add-in sound card, try to disable hardware sound processing (Vista nad Win7 doesn't allow sound cards to process by means of hardware)
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