Computer Posts but then goes to Gray Blank Screen

-- apology for maybe OT mobo talk and long post --

I haven't had this happen before and I'm still trying to figure it all out.

I built a computer with the ABIT IS7 Mobo, fairly simple config ... burned it in for a few hours, used it for about 2-3 weeks and it worked great - no issues.

We had a storm - the computer was plugged into a UPS/BatteryBackup - but there was a lot of lightning. I didn't notice if the computer got hit or not. But, the next day the computer just has a blank, gray screen.

Well, first thought is bad monitor and it got hosed. Second thought was video card gone ... But, when I post up, I see the POST screen, get into BIOS etc. So, to me, monitor is hosed nor is video. Tried other monitor ... same results.

Now, thinking it is mobo ... so, I tried upgrading BIOS (it was a success in the upgrade) but after clearing the CMOS etc... then I got no response in the mobo ... nothing came up.

So, I RMA'd the mobo... got a new one. Installed it -- powered it on ... nothing. Well, I now think - must be video b/c I am hearing NO BEEPING or anything ... system sounds fine. So, I buy a new video card -- plug it in ... yea!! It starts booting up and I see POST screen and I go into BIOS, update BIOS after that etc. All seems to be going good... BUT, I then let it go the next step and it gets to that same point of saying "VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA .... UPDATE SUCCESS" (or something like that). At this point, it just goes to a blank black/gray screen but seems like it's got a shade of light to it. It's really strange.

I'm not sure what else ... I switched around the RAM ... put only one DIMM in and put it in different slots, tried the other as well. NADA.

Spec'd out, it's a ABIT IS7 P865 mobo, Geil 2x512mb 3200 DDR Ram, 1x80gb SATA, ATI 9600SE 128mb, P4 2.4 Ghz 800fsb w/HT.

I'm wondering if it could be the power supply -- it's one of those Antec boxes that comes with a 350W PS in it... Maybe it did receive damage in the storm and it just doesn't have the juice to push into the OS?? (win xp pro)

Anyone got ideas? This one is driving me nuts and I just can't figure it out .... OH, I tried booting with the CD as well ... can't do that. Don't understand that either as I have the CD as my first drive to boot with.

Ideas... Please!!! thanks. -ot
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  1. Well, a quick thought is that since you can get into BIOS and think it might be the psu. Go into BIOS, usually under "pc health", and check the power rails (voltage for 12v rail, 5v rail, etc) your mobo is reporting. They should be within 10% of stated voltage. Even better if they are w/i 5%.

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  2. Its possible that its a HD problem -- if you have a spare (working) one laying around trying installing that one. VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA .... UPDATE SUCCESS
    -- Im almost positive it's talking about the HD there and it could be a problem with such.

    Before you go switching anything around make sure your drives are showing up in your POST. If they are then it could be possible that your HD is on the fritz. If they are not showing up -- make sure they are properly plugged in.
  3. coyote, i checked ... all seems ok with this from what i can tell. thanks - i hadn't checked this real thoroughly though.
  4. Somedude, i think you're onto it ...

    I went and fooled around and there was definitely a USER ERROR (ME!!) when trying to get the OS to boot from the CD ... I've got a DVD and CDRW drive and both were set to slave. Once, I made one the MASTER ... it booted from CD.

    Then, I did a quick REPAIR option .. not sure exactly what it did as I'm not sure I've really done this on XP before. But, after it did this .. sure enough, we booted in WIN XP on the system. Sounds good ... right?? nope...

    Now, all I do is watch the system as it continues to loop through rebooting itself -- it will go into Win XP and then just reboot itself. I think it could have a virus too -- b/c of that behavior OR the drive is really bad.

    XP did some disk checking on it's own and said it had replaced some files etc... which it had not done before. So, not sure where I'm at -- but, maybe getting another IDE or SATA drive would be wise to try!

    Thanks guys. Most appreciated!!

    -- edit -- it stops looping thru at some point and end back at the blank screen.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by okietex on 04/08/04 03:00 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. Just wanted to follow-up on this... I put a new SATA drive in and installed WinXP ... all is ok. Also, I'm not sure what was wrong with the other drive because I put it in on the 2nd SATA channel and I can read from it etc.. and just going to format it. thanks for the help.
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