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Hey, so a while back I bought crysis on steam works fine until I try to patch it steam will not release any patches for it even though 2 retail patches have come out I got banned on the steam forums for repeated posts asking why there have been no updates. There are a lot of really cool looking mods for crysis such as the Mech war. total conversion which looks kick ass. Does anyone have any idea how I can get an exe patch to work for this it just keeps saying the game is not on my pc when it clearly is thanks a lot steam you guys are.... *raging comment here* and yes I try'd uninstalling the game and re installing it for it to patch there are no I repeat no patches for crysis what so ever through steam.
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  1. Steam automatically patches it with any official patches.
  2. there are 2 official patches out on the crysis website that is linked from steam options when I right click the game in my games tab, but no patches from steam itself I have downloaded the exe's for both of them and since its a steam game I cannot patch it, the firsts patch came out in 2008 its been 2 years and a year that the game itself has been on steam, Farcry 2 has auto patched yes but when I check the patch history for games like Farcry 2 it shows all the patches steam has put out for auto updates yet none what so ever for crysis which has been out for far longer than farcry 2.
  3. I don't have Crysis, but maybe it's already been patched with the download you get (in other-words, they've integrated the patch into the download?) Again, I don't know as I don't have Crysis.
  4. Unfortunatley steam is like that, if you want a mod for crysis, you will have to get it through steam. If you download halflife 2 and then try to download css it will start at 40-50% because it already has half the files, the point im getting at is that steam runs everything through its own folder and if you wnat a mod, you have to get it through steam
  5. Slayers is right I know that crap about how they run their stuff through their own folder I mod Garrysmod all the time but that was made to be modded with easy. Sam the patch is not in there they would have put it in their patch news and I checked the versions and I can't play online with some servers because I am using an older version. I guess what I could do even though this might be bad is go get a copy of crysis some how and use my cdkey and re install it outside steam.
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