Bare Bones Biostar MCP6P M2+ w/ 2gb Ram, AMD X2 64, Case, 450W $75

I have a working bare bones computer. There is no hard drive, so put your own in along with an OS and a monitor and you should be on your way. There is no optical drive, so to put an OS on, either boot from a USB drive or put an optical drive in.

It has the following:
Case with 450 W power supply
Biostar MCP6P M2+ version 6.2 motherboard
AMD Athlon X2 64 processor with cooling fan - I forget if it's 2.3 or 2.5ghz
2 x 1 gb DDR2 RAM
Floppy drive
6 extra USB slots on two PCI cards
Built in Sound, Network and Video on the motherboard
4 SATA slots, 1 EIDE slot

This is perfect for setting up a second computer. It does all the basics just fine. Throw in an SSD drive and you'll be faster than a lot of new computers on the market.
If you buy this, I also have a bunch of misc, cables and such that I don't need. I'll throw in what I have if you need it.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer.
$100 - negotiable. Ask me for the shipping cost, I can base it on your zip code. U.S. only - besides shipping would be crazy to get it outside the U.S. I would prefer to handle this in person. I am in the Chicago area and don't mind meeting you somewhere if it's reasonable.
Thanks for reading!


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  1. I'm bumping this. Sorry I forgot to include my user name Lemon40 in the picture. I think it's pretty obvious that this is mine though.

    Anyway, I have a bet with my wife. She thinks I won't be able to sell it at any price. I have until a week from Sunday to sell, and I want to prove her wrong. So for now, let's say the price is now $75 which is also negotiable.

  2. Hopefully you didn't bet her too much cause I have a feeling your gonna be losing that bet ! These type of system are hard to even give away to the likes of goodwill since it costs them more to dispose of them.

    About the only parts you might get anything for is the CPU (but would need to know exactly what it is ) and those are pretty abundant for around $5 - then the 2x1gb. DDR2 modules you might find someone willing to pay $5-10 for if they have an old system with a couple empty slots to fill.
  3. Yeah, I know it's not worth much. Fortunately I didn't have a bottom price with the bet, so I'll take just about anything. Our bet is just over one has to make the other their favorite dinner. So I'm only out my time :) I still have over a week and there is still craigslist and ebay.

  4. Well Good luck then - Hopefully you at least get to eat some of what you fix if you do lose ! -- If you have an old smallish HDD and an old copy of windows you might have a better chance on CraigsList if it is a working system with windows.

    Unfortunately on this site I think the majority of us have enough old pieces sitting in drawers and closets to build a few of this type system !
  5. TheN00bBuilder said:
    Could you part with the RAM and PSU? I would trade a Dell 478B Socket mobo, in perfect condition, an unknown functionality ATI RAGE 64 MB graphics card, a Pentium 4 at 2.66 GhZ, a LEPA 80MM cooling fan, and a Cooler Master Heatskin with Fan. Not sure if it works or has the right brackets.

    I am not interested in a trade. I'll sell them to you if you'd like. How's $45?
  6. Have you tried posting on anandtech? Someone there might take the board/cpu/ram which wouldn't cost too much to ship.
  7. I'll give it a try, thanks!
  8. Quote:
    Have you tried posting on anandtech? Someone there might take the board/cpu/ram which wouldn't cost too much to ship.

    Hmmm... I guess I need 25 posts to post there. Probably not worth it at this point. I did put it up on ebay since no one here seems interested.

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