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This is a new one on me. There are these thick bands of pink lines (why does it have to be pink, what a pansy-ass color) running down my screen. When i'm just looking at my desktop, they are sort of diagonal across the screen.
They are persistent in any program, including video. It could be a problem with the mobo, but i don't know exactly what. I have tried rolling back drivers on the ATI, reformatting and fresh-installing, flashing BIOS with various different versions, and getting newest drivers for all my [-peep-], nothing changes anything. I have fast writes off, since 9800 doesn't support it.
I really don't know what else to do, if you want to be a good guy and actually may have an idea about what I'm describing, email me and i will send you a picture, since this doesn't allow me to post images.
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  1. This may be a specific problem with your perticular MB or Video card.
    I just build my first non AMD system in 3 years and all went great.
    Asus P4C800-E, ATI 9800 PRO, PIV 2.8@3.15(std air cool), 512 MB Buffalo DDR400 ram. I must say it came together great with no problem. So I don't think it's your MB/Video combo that's your problem.
    Good luck

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  2. I got some pretty crazy stuff like that. But I got alot of numbers kinda like matrix then it looked like fuzzy tv pix with no signal. Ive had nuthin but probs with Intel and ATI. I had the Abit IC-7 but had to return it due to crashes. I got the P4C800-E dlx now. But feel like I should have went with Nvidia and Amd. But I am sticking it out to see if things go ok. Also, I made a big mistake by getting the 2.8e it was running at 60c on the Abit board. Its running at 49c now but with a aero4 cooler. Wanted to get the zalman but they only had the copper/silver one. Also I dont like the way it tries to run my ram at 2.5 when it should be 2-2-2-5 for the 3200LL. I feel like i threw my money away by getting 9800pro,P4C800E-dlx,Intel 2.8E....
    I thought this would be a good combo but do Intel fans always have these issues? Never had probs with Nvidia or Amd

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  3. Hehe, the problem with both your boards is your RAM, PC3200LL is rated far too enthusiastically to actually work at stock settings in dual channel mode. Your IC7 crashed, yep, most likely due to the memory not being stable at stock settings. The P4C800-E isn't crashing...probably due to the fact that it's using longer latencies!

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  4. The IC7 was trying to run my ram with the same latencies. I am running 2-2-2-5-4-auto , standard/standard/perf on. It seems to be okay for now. I turned off ide bus master and that seemed to help. The only prob i have now is when i first boot up to windows i clik on some things and nothing happens until like 1 min everything pops up at once. Im gonna run so more tests to see if it is stable. I put agp aperature to 64 from 32 that seem to help the artifacts for some odd reason. I am thinking of just taking the card back anyways cause I still dont trust it.

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  5. Sounds like a heat, or power problem. Make sure the 4 pin power connector is well connected. Then aim a housefan at the card, and see if you have the same problem.
  6. 32? 64? I thought 128 was a minimum now?
  7. I actually took off the heatsink from the 9800pro since it did not seem to be on good. I used artic silver 3. It seemed to help a little. But I still exp a lockup here and there (which im not used to with my xp2500/4800se sys)
    I got a 350 enermax ps. Gonna change it out this weekend for antec true 430 to see if that helps. Also gonna mess with the bios a little to see if it helps if not thinking of getting some 500mhz mem

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