FS: Alienware 580M 2GB MXM 3.0b laptop video card 03MF8R - [Sale Pend]

I pulled this from my Alienware M17X R2 before selling it. Works great, its the 2GB card and has the SLI connector if you have Alienware M18X. Works great as a single card.

Has a 100W TDP

Basically a underclocked 560 Ti

Card has been listed on EBAY

Don't know how well this would operate in a Clevo or Sager style laptop, but it should at least boot, I don't know about how the fan will operate.

^^^ this is a 3 image slide show of the actual card for sale.

Pending Sale

Might consider a trade for a similarly priced desktop card or desktop video card (660, 660Ti, 670, or 680, 7900 series) + cash.

Since this is a small item, I will ship internationally using the small US flat rate box but once the card leaves the US, I can't really offer any kind of guarantee. Any international buyers are responsible for any import fees, tariffs or taxes,

card only, doesn't not have the x-bracket on the back to screw the heat sink to.

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  1. bumpster - this card is actually from an M17X R3, R4, or M18X - I just had it running in my R2...
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  3. price drop... I'm a pretty motivated seller, I don't want to list the thing on ebay...

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  5. bump! I'd entertain offers!
  6. just a bump
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  8. Bought 2x of those 2 months ago brand new for 250$ each from dell. Just letting you know.
  9. do you get an employee discount?

    I've thought about dropping my price, there's no need for me to really keep it.

  10. I dropped the price to $350 obo, it costs $250 to upgrade to the 675M from Dell when building a laptop, so if cia24 can get some from Dell for $250 each, he probably has a friend that works there or works for a company that can get surplus parts.
  11. I bought a few computers there over the years. They are currently getting rid of there 580 stock. Ofc its surplus lol!
  12. Pending sale
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