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my ping is over 100 in counterstrike source when it used to be around 40-50ms. in ventrilo it is fine but then when i load up css it goes through the roof. this all happened after i installed windows 7 but i love it so i dont want to uninstall it. how could i lower my ping so that i can play css without uninstalling windows7 and going back to vista?
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  1. Try setting your rates on Steam and in-game. For high speed connections, use updaterate 101, cmdrate 101 & rate 25000 (those values could've changed due to engine updates), or goto steam>settings>internet connection and select your connection speed. Verify your connection speed by going to www.speakeasy.net and running a speed test. Use this as a guideline as to what connection speed to set. If you are experiencing lower speeds than normal, contact your ISP and have them trouble shoot the issue with you.
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