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Hi everyone ,
i was wondering if its somehow possible to run just cause 2 on xp 32-bit . i read on web that things might work out installing direct x10 on xp but i got no idea about this right now. has anyone tried this before .
my machine intel core2duo e8300, 2gb ddr2 ram, 8600gt nvidia , windows xp-32 currently installed.
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  1. *Just Cause 2 System Requirements

    Intel Processor - Core 2 Duo T7800 2.6GHz
    AMD Processor - Phenom 8400 Triple-Core
    Nvidia Graphics Card - Geforce GTS 250
    ATI Graphics Card - Radeon HD 5750
    RAM Memory - 3 GB
    Hard Disk Space - 10 GB
    Direct X - 9

    You're on the borderline, here. You can either get a better graphics card and more RAM, or get a better CPU. If you've got cash to dish out for it, you just simply may need an upgrade in it's entirety, or play on minimal settings. Try low resolutions and you can download the direct x distributable from Good luck man.
  2. khubani

    he did not ask for the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS he asked if this game can work on XP

    and i dont think that it will work, cause i have just downloaded the demo and its not i think thats just stupid way to make people buy windows 7
  3. you got my question right . but did you install direct x10 in xp and tried runnning the game . i read on web that it may work out . anyway i have dual-boot xp and windows 7 32-bit home in my system . i find windows 7 balls its although its better than vista but this thing is something what vista should have been.
  4. I got more then recommended requirements except that i only have xp pro. Installed the directx 10 latest fix and still no joy. Keeps popping up message incorrect windows version. That was a damn waste of $80, store won't take it back because the validation key is registered in steam.
  5. no i did not install directx 10 , upgraded to 7 and now the demo is working fine lol
  6. Good to see that someone is enjoying playing just cause 2 .
  7. Man, I simply just hate this... I mean cmon, I know that XP is 9 years old and all, but still... about half of the gamers is using XP (that's what I've found on net)... I know it's an old OS, but it was a dirty move... they are actually making us buy the game AND Vista/Win7... they know that their game is great, so they stabbed all of us XP users in the back and actually they made me think that I should really get Win7 or something... It is really annoying, because I know that they're slowly pushing XP out of the gaming world. Until the end of 2010 there probably won't be anymore new games coming out that support XP... So yea us, XP users should really consider buying a never version of Windows... But still, it was a dirty and a wrong move that they made...



    PS The reason I bought XP and not Vista when I was buying the new computer is because Vista was so buggy at times.... it probably still is... Well anyways time to move on I guess :(
  8. yeh . but i dont heck care because of my core2duo , just 2gb ram , and old 8600gt graphics .
    They are screwing our happiness royally , looks like i am loosing my gaming nowdays . looks like i should be jumping to !7 processors but right now its impossible for me because they are damn! costly . with new !7 i got to buy a new board also its like changing the whole system.
    windows 7 i found it balls its just what vista should have been . if people wanna play games (pc) core2duo is just not enough . i find windows 7 good only while using laptops it perfectly suits laptop but people who use desktops they expect more performance .
  9. THE really stupid thing is the game was made for XBOX which is DX9 They are making us Use VISTA JUNK "worst os since ME" and windows 7 "which is not much better! Just to play this GAME!
    THey made a HUGE bad move! I have many games that sopport dx9-dx10-dx11 works on a everything XP ......!
    I guess they didn,t do research and see that 42% of "STEAM" useers use xp!
    they cut off 42% of there sales market ! IDIOTS!

    what is the difference from Dx9 and dx 10? Light rayes you can see light rayes coming through trees!
    YAWN! did that make the game better for you? NO!
    95% of the gamers never even see that! You have to really compare side by side shot,s of game to see the difference!
    DID you see that? NO I was trying to finish this level! It is not a MOVIE it is not a Ride in WALT DISSY world It is a game! VERY FEW will see the difference

    I would say most run Under 1680x1050 any way!
    So why did they do this? I,m guessing to test the market!??? Or just real stupid marketing! The game is not that great to make u wanna use a SUBSTANDARD "OS" just for that game!
    They should of left it to Crysis 2 It is still the Game to beat!

    I use A "hotswap" hardrive RIg , so I can swap my XP drive with "7" x86 ; you can have x64 good luck with x 64:
    I finished the game 2 times Yes it was fun! The Grapple hook made the game!
    BUt not worth USEING VISTA OR 7 everyday! I test them all even the STUPID x64 versions, home thru enterprise,

    I still use xpsp2 , not 3, DAILY!

    FYI I run a QUAD ASUS intell rig , intell chipset, ASUS TOP version 4890, to a ASUS 26" monitor 1920 x1200 I allso have a 42" Home theater rig basiclly the same But it looks much better on the smaller screen !
    I guess you know what I mean pixels closer togeather allwayes look SHARPER!

    FYI this game runs on the Celeron 3300 with a ati 4890 I have it as a LAN pc on a 24" 1920x1200 , playes the same on my QUAD!

    It is all about the VIDEO CARD ! that is what is doing the WORK! not the CPU!

    RULE # 1 allwayes use Last years "flag ship Video card" it is now 1/3 price! and it still playes all the games on HIGH at max settings 1920x1200! and if you run xcrossfire or SLI on HIGHEND cards! you wasted your money! you should have built a LAN machine , for buds when they come over for beer and a game!

    Core i7 and i5 and even I3 are for BRAGGING

    if you are a real PC user Try the Celeron 3300, 50 dollars use a GOOD motherboard 2 gig ram drop A high end video card on it! YOU WILL HAVE GREAT GAME RIG! save your money for so very good speakers NOT CHEAP PC SPEAKERS! buy a good 26 or 28 Inch monitor!

    read the reviews for the 3300 I own 2 QUAD,s and a 3300 I wish I didn,t waste my money on my quad,s!
  10. Guy's lets talk about about how to manage and run game under xp . i will be satisfied playing just demo of it . As i said i got a old system.

    Jumping to windows 7 i something i dont want to the reason is :\ old hardware and financial prob to upgrade this hardware.

    Things are really fast for me currently using xp but i don't get same performance while using windows 7 . i am thinking to buy a better system this time . but as i said core !7 is costing bomb these days . i thought i would go for quad core and use windows 7 but again quad will be old when !7 takes up the market .

    currently buying a new video card just wont help ! you know just cause 2 (vista or windows 7 ).
  11. finally i give up . i am gonna dual boot xp and windows 7 . i am going for windows 7 home premium 32 bit
  12. I would either Dual boot! Just Partition your harddrive with 2 equal space,e Put xp on one Partition and Windows 7 on the other!

    Or you can buy a second Harddrive And either put them in series if you have OLD IDE or you can just leave your cover off your pc and just swap them! I leave my cover off any way! YOU CAN NOT HEAT AN OVEN WITH THE DOOR OPEN!

    Why Kids put up to 6 fans in side there case ??? when they can just leave the cover off! I guess they just like the sound of the fans?

    As for buying windows 7 I did buy Xp but I could not use it for over a year. I was with The Test Subject,s For 7 when they were lesting use Test x86 and x64 last year! I have a Kract copy I got from a T-site It is the Ultimate version and it is Auto activated when I install it! If you wanna TEST windows 7 I suggest download a copy! test it for a while If you like and and wanna use it then you can buy either a KEY from Microsoft or buy a real version!

    this is for SATA Hd,s to HOTSWAP!

    this is for you OLD IDE users!

    these will let you "hot swap" harddrives! so you can have Xp on one and Windows 7 on another HD. And you can quickly switch between them with out opening you case!

    I have been using this system for over 10 years! All my pc,s have these!
  13. LOL did you read what I said about the Celeron 3300? I will never buy an I7 or an I5 or even an I3! Waste of $$$$$

    I series is for Braging rights! Windows 7 will be slower then xp on any system just because of all the JUNK running on it Even after you learn to turn all the JUNK off and make & look like windows 2000 it will still be slower then XP It still has a lot of "BAGAGE"

    DO you have a PCI-e slot video card or old AGP? Video card is allwayes your best UPgrade if you play games as long as you have a 2 core cpu! Most new games require 2 cores now!

    What is in your PC?

    I design and build all kinds of RIGs from Basic internet to STUDIO servers!

    The best BANG for the buck rig now Is Intell 3300 about 50$ most any "INTELL" chipset motherboard 50 to 80$, Never use Cheap chipset,s make sure motherboard use,s INTELL, I have used most all brands of RAM I go for CHEAP 2 gig is more then enough! 40$

    I GO for warrenty HD,s seagate used to be 5 years now they are 3 I still use seagateI have over 10 I have never had one die! I have had many Western digital die!
    you can get a 500 gig seaget for around 50$

    power supplys are a little missleading! I try to get atleeast 450 watt with a PCI-e donnector that way you know it was made to power a Video card! too much power is a waste of $$ and a waste of Energy!

    DVD burners 20$

    A case can be had for as little as 15$ unless you like bells and whistles! which to me are very UNIMPRESSIVE!

    I never wanna see a CASE personly I prefer a very clean, everything hidden Enviroment

    Video cards! right now if you can Find one, a 4850 is the best bang for the buck Under 100$ kicks any 5770 ASS! Unless you Hung up on Dx11 Bs You will need a much better card to play Dx11 games with all the eyecandy the "mid" cards are gonn be Unimpresive when you try all that "wire frame work" DX11 to play with even on Medium sttings!
    FOr ATI cards you want the Highest clock speed! 850 is a Minimum for me!

    I have an Older ASUS "top" 3870 it has clock speed of 851 it handles any game! IT struggles ON crysis a little in the "open MINE" area frame rate dropes to 20 to 25 fps! EVERYTHING ON HIGH! if I drop settings it does fine there! Everyother game it has no ISSUES!

    That is in MY HTPC I have 2 other pc,s I use ASUS 4890,s I have one top version and one standard!

    I love the 4870/4890,s

    WHy don,t I use Geforce? I tried 2, both had an Issue I bought the first dx9 Geforce JUNK I went back to ATI when 9600 came out!
    I have had ATI since 7400 series, I have had 7400 9600 x800 x1950 3870- I tried Crossfire with 3870,s found it was a waste of $$$ I had 4870,s tried crossfire again waste of $$ and now 4890,s I kept the "top" 3870 because it was such a great card! I use it in my HTPC! I use the TOP 4890 in my main agme rig and the Standard 4890 in my LAN machine for Guest!

    I prefer preformance to braging rights!
  14. i find windows 7 is ballls , its slow compared to xp . i tried playing just cause 2 on windows 7 as you all know i am using old hardware the results i got while playing was my worst nightmare . its was getting stuck! even in lowest resolution . i am back to xp sp2 .
    i didnt went to store to buy windows instead i used my brain and went to one of my friends house. that guy is using core2duo machine but 8500gt video card . he got windows 7 for free from dell . i am happy with sp2 .

    My problem is my harddrive is only 160 gb . now windows 7 32 bit needs 16 gb of free space and 64 bit version needs 20 gb , for those who have 500gb harddrive for them no prob but this really afffect my computing currently.

    So finally i have decided to install windows 7 or windows 8 whatever when i will have something like !7 at least 12gigs of ram and gtx 275 or any good gpu from ati . i think i will go for direct x11 gpu in future .

    I dont understand after creating good operating system like xp how can microsoft be so foolish to create stuff like vista and windows 7 . windows 7 no doubt is better than vista but i dont find anything as good as xp still now.

    guys thanks for all the comments .
  15. learn how to turn the BULLSHIT OFF on "7" other wise you sound like a NEWBE!

    the MINUMUM system reqirurments is Geforce 8800! no wonder it sucked

    8850 is a very WEAK CARD! THAT IS NOT A GAMING CARD!


    Full System Requirements for Just Cause 2
    Just Cause 2. The game that lets you abseil down a helicopter. Now thats gaming.

    Minimum System Requirements
    OS: Windows Vista/7
    Processor: Dual-Core CPU (Athlon 64 X2 4200/Pentium D @ 3 GHz)
    Memory: 2 GB
    Hard Drive: 10 GB Free
    Video Memory: 256 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro)
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    DirectX: 10
    Keyboard & Mouse
    DVD Rom Drive

    Recommended System Requirements
    OS: Windows Vista/7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.6 GHz/AMD Phenom X3 @ 2.4 GHz
    Memory: 3 GB
    Hard Drive: 10 GB Free
    Video Memory: 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250/ATI Radeon HD 5750)
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    DirectX: 10.1
    Keyboard & Mouse
    DVD Rom Drive

    8850 SUCKS! not a GAMING CARD!
  16. Ya your right . finally i had to say good bye to just cause 2 .
  17. windows 7 needs only 2.5 gig !! where u get your bad INFO from?

    i WILL NOT BE BACK ! i SEE YOU ARE "clueless"! GOOD LUCK!
  18. ya but i didnt find enough performance of windows 7 on my core2duo machine . it works good but its not faster like xp . windows 7 works fine on my comp but i will better upgrade my hardware first in order to start gaming on win 7.
  19. well thanks for assistance ,,...... :hello:
  20. rmjstudios said:
    windows 7 needs only 2.5 gig !! where u get your bad INFO from?

    i WILL NOT BE BACK ! i SEE YOU ARE "clueless"! GOOD LUCK!

    Your use of caps makes me unable to take what you say seriously.
  21. This thread is closed now . i am going from here.
  22. i said good bye . i didnt find any solution to run just cause 2 on xp .
  23. Man, so much rage over this topic.

    Yeah it was a bad decision by eidos to cut xp support considering the latest figures i've seen are something like 44% still use xp (ref. Steam). The difference between dx9 and dx10 are effectively negligible and ms could easily release dx10 on xp. Sort of reminds you about those earlier dx10 only games that microsoft tried to blackmail the market into buying vista with (shadowrun comes to mind).

    Well I'm still using xp but it does look like it's about time to upgrade to windows 7, not only for this but 7 does have much better support of the new hardware that's coming out like dual/quad core processors and higher amounts of ram. Still it's quite annoying that ms should be blackmailing the market all over again with this crap, just goes to show how little market power pc gamers have over console i guess.

    If it keeps going downhill from here, I so called it.

  24. If microsoft had released direct x10! for xp i would be happiest person on planet earth . Microsoft has agreed vista is not good , but those days it hardly used to bother me because no such good games were demandind direct x10 .

    i am sure this is the only start in future xp users will suffer more.
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