Nvidia ION can't do 1920x1080i

I only post this here, because the thread which promised a fix is here too:


sadly, the above information did not yield any favorable results (I still get a black screen when switching into 1920x1080i).

The ultimate task is to run a new Acer Aspire Revo which shipped with win7 home premium as an HDPC to an older Sony KP-57HW40 rear projection set.

After hours and hours of battles with powerstrip and that set, I finally bugged a buddy who has a set that can do 1920x1080i natively. I plugged in my Revo and had the same issue--the card won't do 1920x1080i. Just gives a black screen then reverts back to the resolution I was on.

We switched to his box that has an ATI card and lo, and behold IT WORKS! He can do 1920x1080i on his set...the Revo's ION can't.

As I said above, I went through the older post's instructions; tried both versions of the ION drivers prior to the posting date (since the link to the drivers is borked), but no love.

Unless I'm missing something obvious, all indicators point to a driver issue. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. That thread was referring to 1080p, not 1080i. Monitors nowadays only display in progressive rather than interlaced. you could try 720p... provided your TV supports that resolution.
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