Looking for a good "three friends and I" mmorpg, any thoughts?

Just finished assembling a p-server to host Flyff (a low-end mmorpg)... my relatives and I are getting some kicks out of it now... but I don't think Flyff will be able to hold our attentions for any lengthy amount of time, mainly because the game lacks activities... it's just run-kill... run-kill... only one scripted boss, and no real questing.

So, I'm looking for a similar low-end (my relatives aren't as keen on pc-power as I) mmorpg which I can structure a server for (hopefully one that has a forum in Ragezone, as it was only due to their guides that I was able to build the Flyff server in the first place).

I'd like to try something on the lighter side (graphically) nothing too dark (some of the relatives are children) with a more community-oriented combat system. Something where the focus isn't so much on non-social grinding, but more on the combat itself, and having fun as a team.

To sum it up, I'm looking for a lightweight, lasting game that a few relatives and I can hook up in for 3 hours a week, get some kicks, get out, and all without getting caught up in the leveling craze that most mmorpgs are plagued with. (and I'm not adverse to upping exp rates if it's a game I can host)

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines, and if you've a suggestion that doesn't match them exactly, I'd still be glad to hear it.

So, any thoughts? Fire away.

Flyff System requirements (to give an idea of how archaic their pcs are):

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Hm, excuse me if this doesn't contribute but have you looked into...

    Guild Wars
    Diablo II
    Maybe Final Fantasy (this could be pushing the graphical end of things.)
    Atlantica Online
    Silkroad Online
    Priston Tale

    I'm a bit tired, but that's all I can dish out. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I checked out some of the available gameplay footage, and silkroad (perhaps GW, also) looks like it may be interesting... if a bit too complex in terms of skills.

    Has anyone reading this thread played it (them?)? Any good?
  3. Try out World of Warcraft... You have to pay for that though

    The best idea for you would be runescape because you can play with friends and you dont even need to download anything its on the web that what I suggest.

    Check it out though I used to play MMORPG now im more into FPS :)
  4. guildwars is absolutely fantastic. but i'm pretty sure you can't set up your own server to host it.

    guildwars you follow story missions, with link-up quests inbetween. in the early parts you can have a maximum of 4 people in your 'party', but after the first few hours you go up to 6-man party and then 8-man. (any extra slots can be filled by computer-controlled 'henchmen', so you don't need to rely on random internet folk.

    the art and music are beautiful and the skill system isn't too difficult to learn - after a few hours with the basic skills you really get excited about the new skills and making your own custom skill build.

    frenzy warrior is so much fun, taking double damage from enemies but increased attack speed - my healer friend really loved me for that.
  5. WoW doesn't require much power to play, my 5-year old e-machine still manages to play it decently. However, like mentioned above, you have to pay for it.

    I've played Silkroad Online for a month or so a few times. Overall it's a very interesting game. Graphics are not too bad, combat is interesting. I wouldn't say it is too complicated, there are just quite a few paths to take.

    I haven't played Guild Wars all the much, after playing WoW for so long I couldn't stand the controls, such as movement. But I've heard good things about it and overall was pretty easy to get into.

    I wouldn't suggest Final Fantasy if you are not into the level grinds.

    Diablo II is very fun and has a great story. Takes less hardware to run than Silkroad, WoW, and Guild Wars. There shouldn't be a problem with leveling as long as you follow the story. Also, it is great fun when you are playing with people you know.

    Just my two cents, hope it helped.
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