Looking for a good LAN game for up too 2-5 people

Hi, im looking for a good LAN game, prefeer RTS, or maybe FPS. I don't like space games(hate) like supreme commander and so on. And i'm not intresed in warcraft or any of the total war games. I like games like Rise And Fall, cause it is foucused around roman times. It would also be nice if it had a nice economic feature, and to build up good defences, not like a rush game:P Every feedback is honored :) :hello:
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  1. RTS = Rise of Nations. The best out there
    of course many people still love StarCraft

    as for FPS, I've always liked Unreal Tournament. UT 2004 is still a visually decent game, most modern notebooks can play it, and there are a thousand awsome user made maps to choose from.
    UT3 is good too.

    Currently for FPS, nothing beats Modern Warfare 2. the online multiplayer, and offline LAN is amazing.
  2. Like arges86 said, Rise of Nations is a good game and the gameplay mechanics of it mean that you wont get tank rushed in the first 5 minutes and get a game-over

    Here are some other suggestions

    Age of Empires 1 & 2
    Civilization 4 (if you've got a spare 2 weeks)
    Company of Heroes

    Call of Duty 4
    UT & UT2004
    Alien Vs Predator 1 & 2
    Jedi Knight 2 and Academy
    Quake 1,2 and 3
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